SOFT TOY:  wild elephant yoyo toys
SOFT TOY:  wild elephant yoyo toys

SOFT TOY: wild elephant yoyo toys

Rs. 980.00

Padukas Artisans has a Classic Collection of YO YO TOYS.

Made of cotton handmade yoyos, stuffed with polyfiber fill, face embroidered with cotton thread.

Elephants are the largest existing land animals. Three living species are currently recognised: the African bush elephant, the African forest elephant, and the Asian elephant. Distinctive features of elephants include a long proboscis called a trunk, tusks, large ear flaps, pillar-like legs, and tough but sensitive skin. The trunk is used for breathing, bringing food and water to the mouth, and grasping objects. Tusks, which are derived from the incisor teeth, serve both as weapons and as tools for moving objects and digging. The large ear flaps assist in maintaining a constant body temperature as well as in communication.


We have two definite types of toy buyers:

There are those who want an inexpensive toy for their beloved family member.  It has to be soft, affordable, indestructible, and suitable for the youngest child.  We took our Classic Yo-yo toy and reduced the number of yo-yos and stuffed the entire toy with poly fiber filler.

The second group of buyers desires traditional toys. Something that might be given to an adult as easy as to a child.  The Classic toy is made of only yo-yos just like these toys have been made for over a hundred years. The design is antique, just like the original clown doll that began our toy-making.