Placemats for Valentines' Day: Candy-Pink & White Coasters in Basket, Set of six

Rs. 2,500.00

Celebrate your "in the Pink" Happy Mood with special handmade placemats. Give your favorite loved one a beautiful little covered basket decorated with fabric tassels and bells. Use it to wrap your precious gifts of jewelry or poems or thoughts of Love and Oneness.

Each place-mat, covered basket and coaster is One-of-a-Kind..... truly works of art!

Cotton strips in pinks, reds, magenta, golds, and white are hand picked to harmonize together, wrapped around jute string and then machine stitched together, around and round creating handsome colorful place-mats, baskets, and coasters.

Each order includes six 13" place-mats and a small 4 1/2 inch covered basket containing six 3 1/2" matching coaster in Candy Pink colors.

They will make a great gift for someone who likes art and color.

Put your order in early as it takes time to fill the order.


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