Storage Baskets, Sets of 3, upcycled fabric, multi-colour, each with lids for office desk organizational bathrooms, home decor Padukas

Rs. 1,250.00

Multi color storage organizers for office desks, kitchen tables, Living room, Dressing table.
Store jewelry, bathroom needs, cosmetics, office supplies.
Great present for men and women.

Handmade Design with a lid
Made with Upcycled Indian Fabric using a zig zag stitch

A set consists of 3 sizes of Storage Containers:

Medium - height 2 inches, width - 6 inches
Small - height 1.8 inches, width - 5 inches
Extra Small - height 1.5 inches, width - 4 inches

The set of three come in a harmonizing color, all three matching as best as possible.
Each basket has a lid.

Padukas discovered a creative method to make baskets from scrap fabric that involves wrapping fabric around jute and stitching together with a zig zag machine. Each bag can take from one day to five days to make, dependent upon the size. Padukas teaches its women how to make these one of a kind baskets especially for the Bag Ladies. Are you one of them?

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