Quilt Made to Order: SPECIAL 12% DISCOUNT SALE: Duvet Cover in Rainbow Colors---Match Up Design, Bold & Exciting Patchwork Matching backing Doona Queen size

Rs. 8,800.00

SPECIAL 12% DISCOUNT SALE, FROM 10000 Rupees to 8800  Rupees

One of a Kind Uplifting Duvet cover or Doona , Queen size, of patchwork is made of strong colors of the rainbow . Will bring vibrancy to any room.

The Mash Up Design by Karen Griska was the foundation idea for this duvet made mostly of cotton fabrics with some mixed fabrics as well. The patchwork top is attached to a white cotton lining protecting the back of the patchwork quilt top. The bottom side iw a matching fabric.

Button holes and buttons allows one to fill the inside with your favorite comforter and lock it inside. This fabulous duvet cover measures 76"by 86" and weighs under 2 kgs

We used Karen's ideas of mixing colors and learned her technique of "fussy cutting" where one purposefully cuts out birds, flowers, objects of interest and design to feature in the strips. Care was given to make sure the colors were in balance and harmony throughout the quilt.

The entire quilt cover was top-stitched to the middle fabric.

(Need help fitting your duvet to your comforter? Read this: http://h2g2.com/dna/h2g2/brunel/A681329)

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