Richly Embroidered Blue Fabric Beads, 50 of Blue Upcycled Indian Fabric with Gold Thread, 2 cm diameter


Richly embroidered Hand Made Beads of Upcycled Indian Fabrics to inspire your own creation: An ample supply of 50 2 cm beads. Each set may be made from different than these photos, although Color will be matched.

Design your own Jewellery. Beads can easily have a needle pass through the center, stringing them together as you like.

Buy an assortment of these Sets of Beads and expand your choices.

We employ local women at a fair wage who have little education or opportunities to earn income. Each product we sell allows us to move closer to our dream of employing 100 women.

You can specify that you want a certain blue... ie. midnight blue, indigo blue, sky blue, turquoise blue. We will work with you to get the best fit for your requirements.

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