Richly Embroidered 60 Fabric Beads, Upcycled Indian Fabric, your choice of thread color, 4 patterns, 3 sizes, 38 hrs handstitch

Rs. 2,500.00

Richly embroidered Hand Made Beads to inspire your own creation: An ample supply of 60 beads, 20 beads of each of three sizes: 1.75 cm, 2 cm, and 2.5 cm beads. there will be 15 beads of each pattern, five in each size.

Each set may be made from the color of beads and thread of your choice.
As you can see in one photograph, when you send a photo of a swatch of color that you want us to harmonize with, we will create this set of beads in those colors.

We have attached a photo of seasons of colors for your ease of selecting colors. One buyer chose the autumn colors and we added a photo of her finished beads. We will work with you the same to get the best fit for your requirements.

Design your own Jewellery.

Beads made of Upcycled Indian Fabrics and are stuffed with polyfiber fill.
A needle can pass through the center, stringing them together as you like.
Our workshop makes necklaces and jewelery out of the same type beads daily.

We employ local women at a fair wage who have little education or opportunities to earn income. Each product we sell allows us to move closer to our dream of employing 100+ women. These are tribal women who have had little chance for education and career. They work hard from pre-sunrise to past sunset to provide care and comfort for their family, things western women take for granted... such as bringing water from a well 15 mins to an hour away, cutting fire wood for cooking, washing clothes in nearby streams, taking a bus all day to take their child to a doctor for an illness.

Your purchase helps women have a little more comfort in their lives, and provides more food, education and health to their family

Group FF: 38 hrs to create 60 beads

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