Queen Quilt of Kalachakra Motif in Black, Gold, Black and White Yo Yo's hand made


Handsome, symbolic of Meditation Awareness... this queen size yo yo quilt made of 2500 handmade cotton yo yo's.

One of a kind meditation quilt, designed to remind you of Profound meditative states as taught in Tibetan Buddhism.

Dry clean to maintain color and shape.

We give employment to tribal women who have few opportunities to earn money. We pay them the standard daily wage for our area in honor of their efforts. We send the fabric home with them so they can make the yo yos while they tend to their family duties. We hire the best of them to come and join all the yo yo's into quilts.
Hand wash or dry clean to maintain color fastness.

This one of a kind quilt will be a joy for ages.

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