Out of Africa Tribal Necklace Earring Set of Cotton Beads, Cowrie Shells

Rs. 3,000.00

Out of Africa comes a tribal necklace design which has inspired our own tribal women to create a magnificent bead and shell statement piece.

Made from various colors for one piece, indigo blue for another, burgandy and mustard for a third. Or we can make a necklace matching one of the four seasons color chart: Spring, Summer, Autumn, or Winter.

Enjoy wearing this unique Necklace Earring Set anytime of year. Stand out with a lightweight Colorful Yellow necklace of hand made cotton beads of Upcycled Cotton Fabric joined by cotton thread. Rounds of fabric, in Yellow Tones, are wrapped around scraps of fabric and sewn into balls. No internal structure. Made from hand picked Indian fabric for a harmonious blend.
Can choose from any color in the rainbow.

Each padukas product is handmade, therefore original and unique. Indian fabrics scraps produced by the fashion Industry are collected, segregated, combined and hand stitched into beautiful objects of art by our team of seamstresses.These are tribal women from rural parts of India with very less opportunity to earn any income.Each product you buy gets us one step closer towards making 100 such women economically Independent!
We can work with any decor, just tell us what you want and our team will make them according to your dictates.Please inquire for availability, prices, other color combinations and requests.

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