Meditation Shawl Ceremonial Robe Vestment of Goddess Blessed Fabric Zen Rose

Rs. 3,500.00

Devi Meditation Shawl..the Zen Rose... lovingly created by women living in the outback of India. We train our women workers to create these works of art specially for those who are looking for something very special for their meditation practice, to wear in a special ceremony or for daily spiritual rituals and practices.

The Zen Rose Meditation Shawl is pieced together by one woman with a sense of creating a harmonious wrap. Then, another woman handstitches a lining of a cotton saree that has been given to a Devi or Goddess in a nearby shrine. These sarees are an act of worship for the devotee who offers it to the Goddess. The sarees are wrapped around the statutes for one day and then sold in a shop to help pay for the upkeep of the shrine. Padukas buys these sarees for the dual purpose of either lining our meditation shawls or making cloth beads. A third women makes the tassels and adornments on the edge.

The patchwork top is made of cotton and mixed fabric scraps upcycled from Mumbai clothing manufacturers scraps.

Each Zen Rose uses different fabric that is available.  Padukas keeps the colors near the same, but the fabric patterns change as the upcycled fabrics become available. Please choose between three color tones: earth, violet, peach.

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