Indian Fabric Necklace of Blue Red Cotton Beads, Hand Embroidered with Gold Thread Handstrung with Embroidered Cotton Straps


Make a statement of Joy and Fun with this One of a Kind Necklace . Stand out with a lightweight Colorful navy blue and burgundy red necklace of hand made beads of Upcycled Cotton Fabric joined by braided cotton thread. Rounds of fabric, in blue and burgandy Tones, are wrapped around scraps of fabric and sewn into balls. When each bead is complete, then it is hand embroidered with gold thread to create a richer and luxurious look

No internal structure.
Made from hand picked Indian fabric for a harmonious blend.

Surround your face with color!!!

Can choose from any color in the rainbow.

We employ local women at a fair wage who have little education or opportunities to earn income. Each product we sell allows us to move closer to our dream of employing 100 women.

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