Placemats & Coasters, Golden Colors, 13" Set of 6, Hand made with Indian Cotton Fibers

Rs. 2,750.00

Enhance the beauty of your dining atmosphere with these gorgeous, One of a Kind Placemats. Cotton strips are hand picked to harmonize together, wrapped around jute string and then machine stitched together, around and round creating handsome colorful placemats and coasters.

You can specify what colors you want to purchase and we can match your color selection.

Each set includes six (6) thirteen inch placemats and six (6) three and half inch matching coasters.

You will definitely be very happy to have these works of art gracing your table in between meals.

They will make a great gift for someone who likes art and color.

We can work with any decor... just tell us what you want and our team will make them according to your dictates.

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