royal colors Meditation Shawl


Mother Earth Veriditas Meditation Shawl 

Wrap yourself in Veriditas....the colors of Mother Earth....the Greenness of Earth by wearing this garment lovingly pieced together into a One of a Kind Meditation Shawl. Feel yourself able to ground your spiritual inspirations into the temple of your body.  Hildegard de Bingen brought new meaning to this word earthly expression of the heavens in an integrity that overcomes dualisms.  Dissolve into Oneness.............

The patchwork design created specially for this shawl and then hand stitched with embroidered accents. One woman works for three or four days putting the pieces together, another specialize in matching the front and back, and two women take 2  days to embroider the front to the back.. Lots of loving attention put into each shawl.

The lining is made from a sandy brown cotton saree that has been wrapped around the Goddess statue, Vajreshwari, or Vajra Yogini in a rural village of the same name in Maharashtra India. Devotees of the Goddess bring gifts of sarees to the shrine of Vajreshwari in acts of devotion. After they have been wrapped around the statues overnight, they are sold to devotees to use for altars, sacred ceremonies, and now our special meditation shawls. 


Meditation Shawls have been used for several thousand years in religious settings. These are also popularly known as prayer shawls. These shawls are intended to surround the person while meditating or in a prayer session. Wearing a shawl for meditation is popular as these shawls are believed to hold the energy that accumulates and has a beneficial effect on the mind. Also as the body cools down during meditation extra warmth provided by a meditation shawl not only helps the body but stops the mind being distracted.

Meditation shawl also aids in de-stressing, relaxing and protecting from EMF. It has been reported to be effective in clearing and opening chakras, for pain relief and added energy and clarity, and an overall feeling of well being.




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