Welcome to Padukas Artisans

Welcome to Padukas Artisans 

A Project of Om Gagangiri Maharaj Ashirwadit Trust


Padukas was conceived as a social project of the NGO Om Gagangiri Maharaj Ashirwadit Trust. For the past 13 years, the NGO has been working with the Warli tribe in the Palghar district of Maharashtra, India. The aim for starting it was to improve the capacity of the local tribal families to earn a livelihood from their Native art, sewing skills, and their innate ability to learn and master a new craft.

In 2014, Jeanette Monosoff Haley started Padukas women's art and sewing workshop with 8 women and now padukas artisans is a family of 62 women from 31 nearby villages. We are not only aiming for making these women financially Independent but also nurturing the artists in them. Indian fabrics scraps produced by the fashion Industry are collected, segregated, combined and hand stitched into beautiful objects of art by our team of seamstresses



Each Padukas product is handmade, therefore unique and original.We believe that our communities of artisans, particularly women, deserve economic opportunities, and we aim to keep alive the rich tradition of their craftsmanship in a rapidly changing urban market.

We are committed to

  Fair Trade, Fair Pay and Skill training

Each product you buy gets us one step closer towards making 100 such women economically Independent !