Each woman working in our Women's Art Workshop is required to attend our Marathi, the local language, literacy program if they do not know how to read and write in their native tongue. The women attend the computer based literacy classes during work hours and are paid the same hourly wage as if they were working in the workshop. They continue the course for three months with the goal of learning 500 Marathi words. 

Once the women pass the literacy exam and receive their certificate or are already able to read and write Marathi then they can continue on to basic computer skills classes, which are offered for two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening for a month duration. This is open to anyone in the village of all ages and gender.

The students then have the choice to continue to advanced computer skills classes lasting six weeks. If they desire and feel they are ready then they have the opportunity to take a CCC, Course on Computer Concepts, exam. This is beneficial to their future because they then have the possibility and credentials for employment with the government.  

The women above take part in our computer classes, creating a brighter future for themselves. Left: Kajal, age 21 is currently attending college. Middle Left: Kavita, computer teacher and currently attending her last year of college studying Arts. Middle Right: Swanali, age 14 is currently in 8th grade and hopes to continue in school. Right: Dharshree, age 21 is a housewife with two small children. 

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