About Us

Padukas Artisans operates as an artisan workshop in the outback of northern Maharashtra, the home of several indigenous tribes of India. Palghar district has its own original style of tribal art and craftsmanship known as Warli art. Its roots can be traced to the Neolithic period, between 2500 and 3000 B.C. It has been passed down from generation to generation in the tribe, occupying an important position in the Warli culture. Paintings were initially done solely by women in a mural form, on the walls of their houses during important occasions like festivals.

In 2014, Padukas Artisans workshop was created by the NGO, Om Gagangiri Maharaj Ashirwadit Trust in response to local tribal women asking for work and income. Drawing upon the women's natural ability at crafts and aesthetics of color and design, Padukas Artisans began training women and men in new crafts and utilizing their traditional methods. The NGO's goal has been to develop the talents of the craftspersons, and provide an opportunity to create and sell artistic products that encourage self-confidence and pride in the modern world. By combining traditional crafts with modern design elements, Padukas Artisans has successfully reached a broader and more sophisticated market. Some of the methods honed by our artisans has been Patchwork Quilting, Warli Painting, Basket making, Fabric Jewelry and Toy Making.

The Craftmark India (
www.craftmark.org) verified in early 2020 that Padukas Artisans is creating genuine Indian handicrafts in the forms of Patchwork and Warli painting. Padukas Artisans meets their sector-wide minimum standards and norms for labeling a product as a Craftmark Approved Indian-made handicrafts