Tree Quilt  Queen size 101 x92

Tree Quilt Queen size 101 x92

Rs. 15,000.00

One of a Kind Handmade queen quilt in blue and white triangles with brown Tree quilt accents. The striking, yet neutral color combination will bring great pleasure to the family who selects this quilt to adorn their home.

backing will be hand quilted to front.

Cotton Indian fabrics are bought as scraps from Indian manufacturers and put together by our team of seamstresses. The quilt has poly fiber fill inside and has a cotton backing, which is hand quilted by our women.

Our team of women were once uneducated and unskilled, but over the past few years we have been training our local women in the art of quilt making, color combining, embroidery, and patchwork.

See our video of the Padukas story: