Yoga in the Villages: Schools and Women's Associations

We are thrilled to share that women's yoga classes are now offered to our Padukas staff twice a week. Two young women from the village were offered scholarships to attend yoga teacher training and became certified teachers. They now teach six days a week in five different locations including children's schools.

Our two teachers are sponsored by Swami Ji, founder of Svaroopa Vidya Ashram in Pennsylvania, USA. They were given a scooter for transportation and receive a sponsored salary. 


The benefits of the yoga program have been successful for both the women and children. In a culture where it's not always appropriate for women to smile or laugh, it's a special experience to see a room full of smiles, unity and empowerment. The women have reported that yoga practice has improved their issues with knee and back pain, from carrying water numerous times a day. Their self-esteem has increased and they are overall happier creating positive changes for the entire family.

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