Sometimes you want to give a gift to a fellow worker, a family member, a loved one just to say "I love you", "i appreciate you", or "you are special to me."
Padukas makes one of a kind unique yo-yo dolls that can say just that to your special someone.
Padukas Artisans has two style of yo-yo toys:
the Soft Toy and
the Classic Yo-yo Toy.

Padukas has two definite types of toy buyers:

The SOFT TOY BUYER who want an inexpensive toy for their beloved family member.  It has to be soft, inexpensive, indestructible, and suitable for the youngest child.  Hence, we took our Traditional style Yo-yo toy and reduced the number of yo-yos and stuffed the entire toy with poly fiber filler. If this describes you, Search for Soft Toys.

THE CLASSIC YO-YO TOY buyer who desire traditional toys. Something that might be given to an adult as easy as to a child.  The traditional Classic toy is made of only yo-yos just as these toys have been made for over a hundred years. The design is antique, just like the original clown doll that began our toy making. If this describes you, Search Classic Yo-yo Toy.

Yo Yo dolls easily speak to children's hearts: