Quilts - Gorgeous and Unique

Patchwork Quilts
Padukas trains and employs  local village women of the Outback of India  to design, sew and hand stitch our One of a Kind Patchwork Quilts. We up-cycle fabrics scraps cast off from various generous clothing Industry. We color code the scraps making it easier to chose the best fabrics for each quilt.  We give all of the women an opportunity to express their own creativity, there by, grow in self esteem. 
Yo Yo Quilts
are made of circles of fabric sewn together in various patterns based on traditional use of scrap materials in both old Europe and America. Women who have no means of income are trained in a two hour class to make the basic Yo Yo flower. Then these women are given fabric to practice on in their own home. Sometimes we take inspiration from the rainbow, the sunrise, a spiral, and other works of art.
Each product you buy gets us one step closer towards making 100 such women economically Independent.
We can work with any decor, just tell us what you want and our team will make them according to your dictates. Please inquire for availability, prices, other color combinations and requests. 
Quilts listed below as "In Stock" or "Made To Order"
the Measurements for Quilts in Inches

King=106 x106
Queen=100 x 90
Twin=90 x 72
Child twin=88 x73.