The Anne Godfrey Collection

Anne Godfrey, of Wild Blackberry Garments and Rose was the inspiration for taking the first step to creating the Women's Art Workshop. After years of research and fund raising, Anne Godfrey volunteered (through her Rose Circles Group) to teach our local women to make quilts.
In late March 2014, Anne took our staff downtown to Mumbai to buy manufacturer's scraps and wholesale fabric. We set up eighteen sewing machine. Twenty women came for three days to attend Anne's training in creating the basic quilt, Window of the Soul. The women were delighted to learn a new craft and create something of beauty. From these twenty women, we hired eleven full time and started our workshop. Over the past few years, Anne has continued to volunteer her expertise and experience as an art teacher and clothes designer. She has given us many great selling designs, distribution contacts, and in 2017, she gave a one day training in creating collages of the Divine Mother. The collages that the women created are magical and will be used in future products.