NALU Requests 1000 School Uniforms for Rural India Children "Made by Padukas"

For the fourth year in a row, Padukas has made uniforms for NALU, a USA business which has a business model of providing uniforms with a portion of its profit.
in 2015, Padukas made 100 uniforms for one school, in 2016 made 200 uniforms for same school. Then last year, NALU expanded its reach to 775 children in three schools.  And now, in 2018, NALU was able to provide 1000 children so that they could continue their studies.
For many families in this part of rural Maharashtra, providing a uniform every year is prohibitive. The price of a school uniform is about 1200 rupees, and most farmers earn about 4000 per month.   If the family has more children, providing a uniform for each child is a great hardship. Hence many children, especially girl children, have to forgo an education.
NALU was started by two children, Dali and Finn Shonfelder who witnessed first hand how children in impoverished communities are prevented from an education for a price of a uniform.  So they started NALU as a way to tackle this problem themselves.  They began buying and selling T Shirts to their  friends and family in effort to raise money for buying uniforms. Every year their efforts have grown, and this year they have now reached giving 10,000 uniforms over the past four years.
Congratulations NALU!!!
Thank you for giving us the opportunity to work with you!