Expanding into the Future: A New Workshop Space

Padukas Gift And Eboutique has found a new home for its workshop In Nimboli. We had to move from our previous location because the landlord wanted to return to Nimboli. Can hardly blame him. It is a little bit of heaven.
This new Padukas home is a brand new house that will have when completed:   beautiful marble tile floors, freshly plastered walls, drop ceiling to keep out summer heat, room for storage, lots of fans, its own office, (complete with desk, computer and printer), and a place to meet with our guest designers and visitors!
Above is the landlady (left to right), Gangu and Ratna, our two assistant Managers and then Manisha and Asha, our two main managers on the front porch of the New Padukas Workshop.
We looked at many different situations for our new home, and found this house which is only 6 minute walk from Fire Mountain Retreat. Padukas has been squeezed into an old house with small rooms for two years and we have needed a bigger space for at least the past year.
We need some financial help to make our move complete, about $ 2500 USD OR 1,75,000 rupees. This will allow us to outfit our new space with all the features mentioned above.
If you would like to help, please donate on one of our two NGO Websites....
www.snetseva.org or www.tmaseva.org/donations
Or go through our website and purchase a quilt or Christmas presents for loved ones.  Every little bit helps us make our new workshop better.
Nice big rooms, beautiful tile floors

A drop ceiling will be installed to keep out the summer heat and make working at the workshop more enjoyable for all.