Warli Artwork

Padukas is situated in the middle of the Adivasi tribal area of Maharashtra.  Many of our artisans are from the Warli Tribe. Uhlas Wad and Deepak Dhadorae are two of our Warli artisans.
In the past year, our trust, Shri Nityanand Education Trust has  been conducting a project whereby we grow fruit trees, and then sell them cheaply to our local farmers. Before we distribute the trees, we educate and train the farmers in the benefits of growing plantations of fruit trees.  As part of our fundraising efforts, we asked Uhlas and Deepak to paint Warli renditions of Moringa or Drumstick Trees as the center of the village scene. In addition, we asked them to do the same with the Papaya tree.  Below you will see a few of their resultant paintings. 
Padukas is proud to say that Craftmark India has verified our Warli Artists and their craftwork to be acceptable to their verification.  Because of the Lockdown of March 24 to present, June 12, 2020, we do not have our formal registration number. But once the Craftmark Office opens, they will present us with the proper registration numbers.