SHOPPING BASKETS-- Colorful, Fun and Sturdy

What a basket!  Colorful!  Sturdy!  Protects Groceries, Glass, Veggies! Great for Storage.

 Padukas discovered a creative method to make baskets from scrap fabric that involves wrapping fabric around jute and stitching together with a zig zag machine.  Each bag can take from one day to five days to make, dependent upon the size. Padukas teaches its women how to make these one of a kind baskets especially for the Bag Ladies. Are you one of them?

In all your favorite colors in Four Designs:

TRIBAL...a harmonic mix of color and texture and no exact pattern

ZEN...a  subtle combination of color in repeating stripes



TEA CUP... in stripes or mixed pattern, using colors from the porcelain tea cup colors

SUNSET.. using harmonic colors on the bottom two thirds of the bag with a contrasting color on top one third, resembling a sunset.


FOREVER SPRING color combination is for the bold at heart. They prefer color in all shades and strengths.