High quality incense made from essential oils 

Re - pronounced Ray - is the name of the second musical pitch, and is pronounced that way, this was chosen as our symbol, to indicate that our incense can raise your level of vibration to a higher pitch, to help you experience a world within that perhaps you are totally unaware of.

An experience of discovery, warmth, nurturing and love.

It is rare to find an incense that can change your feelings and allow you to get a different view of life, an incense that can take you from a place of anxiety, to go deep within, to that inner space that wraps you in the warmth of the deepest nurturing and love.

A place from which you can set forth on your journey to discover yourself.

RE Incense uses the purest and best quality oils sourced from the deep valleys and mountains of India to the flowering fields of France to make our incense.

Natural oils have numerous beneficial qualities that can stimulate you when you are tired, lift you up when you are down, and enhance your creativity.

We carefully craft our incense sticks with our clients’ best interests in mind, making sure we use the purest of ingredients in our products.

We offer 30 very long burning sticks per packet, and 9 superb fragrances to meet every need.

"The very centre of your heart is where life begin the most beautiful place on earth"


Allow our incense to begin to take you to that place 


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