FLOWER YO YO Quilts are  from another time... yet, Padukas chooses to make them with a modern twist, somewhat like a contemporary painting.  In fact, we study contemporary paintings to inspire us.

One of our customers sent us a favorite paining of his and we created a one of kind quilt to match it

A yo yo flower is a circle of fabric brought together with thread and made into a round.  These are sewn together by the hundreds.

We can work with your colors or you can choose one from our photo and we will match it as best we can.

The yo yo's are made by women who live far from any village who have little ways to earn an income.  They won't have a chance to buy a sewing machine any time soon, nor take a sewing class.  Instead, we can teach them to make yo yo's in two hours, and after two weeks, their yo yo's are good enough to use. We give the fabric to the ladies to sew and then pay them by the piece. This way they can stay at home, tend to the chores of their home, watch over their children, and still earn money for them and their family.

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