Patchwork Quilts
Our store, Padukas, trains and employs our local village women of the Outback of India  to design, sew and hand stitch our One of a Kind Patchwork Quilts. We upcycle fabrics scraps cast off from various generous clothing manufacturers in Mumbai as well as buying scraps from the scrap wholesale market. We color code the scraps making it easier to chose the best fabrics for each quilt.  One woman heads the design of each quilt, but takes input from our three managers about her color choice, her design and her technique.  A team of handstitchers pick up the work after the two sides are created, and apply their own ideas about the embroidery that holds the two sides together.
We give all of the women an opportunity to express their own creativity, there by, grow in self esteem.  Each time a product is completed, the women in the workshop applaud the accomplishment of those involved.  When one of their own items sells via our shop, they grow in confidence about their artistic ability.
Yo Yo Quilts
Patchwork quilts made of circles of fabric sewn together in various patterns.. Based on traditional use of scrap materials in both old Europe and America.