YO YO VEST--Elegant Artwear made of hand sewn flower yo yo's


Drape your body with flower yo yo's made of color and texture bringing a sense of joy and celebration to your fashion expression. Glorious Artwear!

Each VEST JACKET Jacket is lovingly made by women living in the outback of India just for you. You can pick one off the rack or have us make one in the color, fabric and size of your choice.

The VEST JACKET is hand made of hundreds of single flower yo yo's that are joined together to make our singular gorgeous Artwear.

 You can choose between silk or rayon, or recycled sarees.  You can send us your specific size and we will make in the exact width and length that you choose.

 Women living in the outback of rural India have been trained to sew and make these yo yo's. They take the fabric home so that they can do the stitching and still watch over their family.  The yo yo's are brought to the Padukas workshop where they are paid per piece, at a very fair price. The yo yo's are then put together into garments by the Padukas full time staff ensuring that the garment is made with attention to detail, color and sizing.



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